The value of recycling

The project Life founded with the goal of developing a system of management and recovery of scraps from glass wool and bitumen-polymer membranes.

To Saint-Gobain, maximizing the recovery of raw materials from scraps is one of the important targets for growth that limits their irreversible impacts on the environment. One of the “principles of behaviour and action,” of the Group is in fact the respect for the environment.

Life therefore wants to be an example for the younger generation, to alert them about the importance of limiting the environmental impact resulting from industrial activity through the use of scraps, the reduction of energy consumption and the consequent use of smaller quantities of raw materials.

Thanks to Life it will be possible to achieve alignment with European regulations on the reduction of contributions to landfill in favour of increased recycling activities with a positive impact on the environment. The project aims to ensure a saving of virgin natural resources and use of public land for the construction of new landfills, as well as the reduction of emissions of greenhouse gases and energy consumption generated by the landfill.

Both Saint-Gobain Isover Italy plants, located Vidalengo Caravaggio (BG) and Chieti Scalo (CH), will accommodate the new production “green” lines and new machineries of the project, in order to create an integrated recycling for the collection, storage, treatment and reuse in the production process of scraps from non-compliant stock, obsolescence and scraps production.